07 19 09 Robinson R44 Recovery

On July 19, 2009 ASAP Towing & Road Service received a call from the Louisiana State Police to respond to a helicopter crash, I-12 W, mile marker 81 in Slidell, La. On arrival was found a very capable, lucky pilot and his Robinson R44, which made a crash landing on the west bound lanes of I-12 after suffering a clutch failure. On the way down, just as he was about to flare, the skids of the helicopter skated across the roof of a Chrysler mini-van, then onto the interstate. There were no injuries reported in part due to the skill of the pilot. Under the watchful eye of the pilot, the Robinson’s blades were secured, the helicopter loaded onto the back of an ASAP carrier, and with an escort from the Louisiana State Police, transported to the Slidell Regional Airport. ASAP later received a call from the helicopter owners insurance company thanking ASAP for a professional job that was accomplished without causing additional damage to the Robinson R44.


Jeep Overboard

ASAP Towing & Road Service was requested to assist the Louisiana State Police and the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office dive team with the recovery of a Jeep Cherokee that went over the rail of the Interstate 10 east Twin Span Bridge in Slidell, Louisiana. The Jeep came to rest in approximately 14′ of water in Lake Pontchartrain. You may recall the Twin Span Bridge as the bridge that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005. The new Twin Span, that this Jeep plummeted from, which was still under construction at the time, is elevated 30′ above the average water line. The Sheriff’s Office responded with a 4 man dive team and ASAP responded with its 16 ton, 3212 medium duty recovery unit. Once removed from the water to the bridge deck, the Jeep was rolled onto its wheels and transported via flatbed. It should be noted that miraculously, the driver survived the accident and was rescued by the St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District 1, Slidell Fire Dept.


02 16 13 Watermelons Galore

A Freightliner and 53′ reefer loaded with 43,000 lbs. of watermelon coming from Mexico going to New England. The driver rolled it completely onto its roof, destroying the tractor and the integrity of the trailer was. Too much damage to up-right while loaded so On Scene Solutions was requested to respond with equipment and people to unload, repack, and reload the product. ASAP Towing & Road Service would like to thank Kingsmill’s Wrecker Service of New Orleans for responding and assisting with their 60 ton fixed boom hydraulic. Our trucks combined to make easy work of an otherwise difficult recovery.


I-10/12/59 Recovery

On 12/16/11. ASAP Towing & Road Service was requested to respond to the southbound I-59 to I-10W / I-12 W split for a tractor trailer that lost control and “split the split”. On arrival was found a Freightliner tractor pulling a 53′ box trailer fully loaded with clothing. The t/t left the roadway and plowed into the woodline, knocking down trees, ripping open fuel tanks causing in excess of 150 gallons of diesel to spill, and ripping open the trucks oil pan, causing several gallons of dirty engine oil to contaminate the ground in addition to radiator coolant and other fluids. ASAP recovered the tractor and trailer from the woodline, and with the assistance of our sister company, ASAP On Scene Solutions, completely remediated the accident scene to its pre-accident condition.


07 01 12 Exit 85B

On July 7, 2012, ASAP Towing & Road Service received a call from one of our national accounts to respond immediately to I-12E at exit 85B for a tractor trailer, loaded with approximately 50,000 lbs. of aluminum rolls, which had rolled over on the exit ramp. On arrival we found the Freightliner tractor, completely destroyed, leaking engine oil and diesel. The 53′ trailer structure was destroyed and due to its load, would be unable to be up-righted while loaded. We immediately called for our sister company, ASAP On Scene Solutions, to respond with containment equipment, and all equipment necessary to off-load and reload the rolls of aluminum. The nighttime lighting made for some great pictures taken of this recovery.


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